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Stok Kangri Trek

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Stok Kangri is no doubt famous for the glamour of scaling a known summit in the Indian Himalayas.

Stok Kangri is no doubt famous for the glamour of scaling a known summit in the Indian Himalayas. At 20,500 ft., Stok Kangri is the highest trekable summit in India. Since it is a high altitude trek, definite acclimatization is a must. Truly a summit worth climbing, it is a trek that does not require any specialized mountaineering skills, and is not a very difficult climb either. However, the trek does require reasonably good physical fitness, and an unwavering determination and self-belief on your part!

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Stok Kangri Trek Daily Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at Leh

We meet up with the group before the trek starts at a specified hotel. Our representatives will brief you about the trek, the dos and the don’ts, and the safety precautions to be taken. A quick session to introduce ourselves to each other will follow, which will help us to acquaint ourselves better over the next few days. To allow the effects of the altitude to wear off, it is advisable that you rest as much as possible today. This is an important period, which allows the body to acclimatize in preparation for the initial trek. There are plenty of distractions in Leh, varying from scenic and cultural to gastronomic. There are options of visiting the 11th century monastery at Alchi and the famous Khardung La pass (the highest motorable road in the world), among other places of interest, but we suggest you do so after the completion of the trek.

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Day 2: Drive to Shang 12,000 ft.

After an early breakfast at the hotel, we board a bus and drive to the firs camp, i.e., Shang Village at 12,000 ft. Punctuality is of utmost importance throughout this journey, as the timing and weather is a factor at reaching a destination to experience the most of a place. On the way to Shang, we can pay a visit to the Shey Palace and the Thiksey Monastery. We reach Shang Village by noon and put up our tents and rest here. It is advisable to go on an acclimatization trek that will help your bodies adjust to the altitude change faster. After lunch, you will have ample time to wander around, and also visit a nearby monastery if you wish to explore. The nights are extremely beautiful as the stars up above look like precious diamonds glittering away to glory.

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Day 3: Trek from Shang (12,000 ft.) to Shang Phu (14,250 ft.)

After breakfast we begin our trek covering a distance of about 11 km to reach Shang Phu. It should ideally take 5 to 6 hours, depending on your pace. This stretch of the trek is fairly easy as the terrain is manageable and you are acclimatized now at this altitude. Being one of the most beautiful campsites on the trek, the views are truly breathtaking. Do look out for wolves, as they are quite common in such remote places.

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Day 4: Shang Phu (14,250 ft.) to Matho La (14,500 ft.), via Shang Phu La (16,750 ft.)

We shall start our day immediately after breakfast as we have to cover a distance of about 9 km today. The trail will be quite demanding as we trek such a long distance at this altitude. The leg of the journey is graded anywhere between medium and difficult. As we go along the trail, within 2 to 3 hours, we will reach the highest pass on our trek – Shang Phu La at 16,750 ft. After resting here for a while, we push off for Matho Doksa, where we shall have lunch. We start again, cross a few hills to reach our destination for the day, i.e., Matho La. Once there, one can see the campsite from a distance. We pitch our tents and rest for the day.

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Day 5: Matho La (14,850 ft.) to Gangpoche (14,550 ft.)

This stretch of the trek is fairly easy as the terrain is not as difficult in comparison to the other days. We will reach our destination for the day early, and pitch our tents and explore the surrounding areas. There is a small hill nearby which you can climb and also a stream from a melting glacier where you can dare to play in bone-chilling waters. The hilltop gives you a fantastic view of the horizon from where one can see the Leh city, Gulab Kangri and the Karakoram Range. We shall return back to our tents before the night sets in. The descent from the hill is a bit of a challenge as there a lot of loose rocks and hence precaution needs to be taken. We reach just in time for dinner and rest for the day.

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Day 6: Gangpoche (14,550 ft.) to Stok Kangri Basecamp (16,300 ft.)

Today we reach the basecamp, and everybody will be excited as the summit day is nearing. The trek is difficult and it should take 7 to 8 hours to get to a pleasant campsite on a grassy area beside a stream. In the afternoon we can walk above our camp for views of the Rimo peaks (adjacent to the Siachen Glacier in the East Karakoram), where the melted water torrent flows out of the very middle of the Gulap Glacier's terminal moraine at 5,160 metres. We shall do an acclimatization climb at a nearby hill.

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Day 7: Rest day at Stok Kangri Basecamp (16,300 ft.)

This is a buffer day to keep the body acclimatized to the altitude and the weather conditions. The weather can be quite tricky to predict as a perfectly clear sky can turn cloudy in a matter of minutes. We explore the surrounding area and climb nearby hills to acclimatize better.

  • Stok Kangri Trek

Day 8: Climb Stok Kangri Summit (20,080 ft.) and back to Stok Kangri Basecamp (16,300 ft.)

This is the toughest but the most fruitful part of the challenge. We start our trek from the previous night or at around midnight so that we can reach the summit on time and catch the sunrise from such a great height. We need to make the most of the weather conditions too. The climb is steep; it is imperative to use headlamps to guide our footsteps. We are split into groups depending on the pace each one maintains. The faster ones go first, medium paced group is in the middle and people who trek slow will follow the rest of the group. The ascent is steep and hence takes a lot of time. The air gets thinner, the weather is colder now and the level of oxygen in the air goes down as we gain height. We can also experience some amount of snowfall during this time. The trail takes you across a glacier. Since we started our trek in the night, daylight will start breaking at around 5:00 am. After all the huffing and puffing up the mountain, we reach the summit. The summit is a superb reward for your effort, giving magnificent views in every direction. The sight that welcomes us is beyond words – a marvelous place surrounded by magnificent Himalayan peaks on all sides. If we are lucky, we can witness the sunrise from 20,080 ft. – bright yellow-orange Sun spilling its first rays on to the white snow-capped mountains. All the pressure, training, exhaustion and fatigue will be worth it – the effort is paid off. The city of Leh appears so small that you can barely see it. A lot of pictures are clicked; the spirit of victory is felt in the air. After spending some time at the summit, we start our descent as we rejoice in our glory. Going down is tougher than the ascent, as always. There is strain on your knee and ankles, plus the exhaustion from climbing the mountain. We shall pass the same glacier which we had seen in the morning and return to the basecamp. Few people reach early and the others start pouring in later. You can rest, have tea/ soup and catch some sleep. At night we have a gala celebration over a sumptuous dinner, and recount our achievements before hitting the bed.

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Day 9: Stok Kangri Basecamp (16,300 ft.) to Stok village (11,800 ft.) and drive back to Leh

An easy start to the day, we begin our trek after breakfast at around 9:00 am. The journey back to Stok village should ideally take around 6 hours. A bus will be waiting there to ferry us back to Leh. Once we reach Leh, head over to your hotel rooms and freshen up as your body is exhausted and a warm shower will relieve you of all that. You must huddle back again at 6:00 pm to collect your certificate for successfully conquering the Stok Kangri Summit. This marks the end of our services. You can explore Leh in the night, have an amazing dinner and head back to your hotel rooms for a good night sleep.



Cancellation Policy


1. Change of trek batch is dependent on the availability of seats in the batch.
2. In case of transferring a trek to freind or known should satisfy all the mandatory requirements put forward by Trek Mantra.
3.Trek Mantra holds the right to change/cancel the policies, without prior notice.