Hampta Pass Trek

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Hampta Pass Trek – journeying in the lap of Himalayas

The Hampta Pass trek starts from Manali, a town in the state of Himachal Pradesh know for its alluring beauty, this trek is captivating because of its enormity of open scenic landscapes, bone- chilling crossing of the Rani river, and the snow covered trail all year round. The hike is through Chika, Balu ka Ghera and Siagoru and all of these places takes one through thick alpine forests of Oak, Maple and Walnut trees, rambled meadows, rock faces cryptic views of the surrounding natural beauty, the glacial valleys, the thrilling traverse of the pass gives the trekkers a quintessential experience of an Himalayan trek.

Perched at a height of 4,270 meters this The awe-inspiring landscapes and natural foliage of the region itself draws trekkers aplenty, not to mention the abundance of rare Himalayan birds and orchids spotted here.this trek packs the punch of an idyllic adventure in the Himalayas. Moreover, trailing up to Hampta Pass also involves crossing through bthe high altitude alpine lake, reputed for its deep blue colour, called Chandratal. Another exemplary feature is the passage through the captivating Rohtang Pass that stands at an altitude of 13,000 feet and is enveloped in snow throughout the year.

Hampta Pass trek begins from in the vicinity of Manali in the Kullu Valley and ends in Lahaul and the Chandra Valley. Scattered at a height of 4270 meters, this is a moderate trek with a scope for customization of duration to suit ones time and convenience. The apt time to visit this place is May to October. It offers a close view of Mt. Deo Tibba, Mt. Indrasan and their Glaciers. The initial trek follows the river valley leading to the Hampta pass. As you trek, you will cross a river, across a Valley and get a beautiful view of Deo Tibba, Indrasan. Deo Tibba is popular among climbers who have good mountaineering knowledge. Hampta Pass promises to be a heaven for all those Trekking enthusia.

Trekking journey for Hampta pass will begin like this: It will be a drive journey from Manali to Jorba and from Jorba the real trekking will start. While trekking towards Jorba you will get to view beautiful You will also get to see the beautiful river hampta flowing and then finally you will reach Chikka which is filled with beautiful natural grass. Here you can view beautiful valleys of Lahaul and Spiti. The mountains of Pir Panjal and Spiti ranges adds beauty and creates a magical view which continues till Chhatru. Chattru is basically meting point of path from Rohtang Pass, Hampta Paas and Spiti. Here the trekking for the fourth day ends. Fourth day trekking will take around 4-4.5 hours. On the fifth and last day it will be a drive journey from Chattru to Manali through Rohtang pass which will take 7 hours approx. During the journey from Chhatru to Manali you will get to see the amazing views which you would have imagine in your dreams only. One must go for trekking in Hampta Pass and explore the beauty of Manali.

The Hampta Pass trek in Himachal is tailor made for those looking to experience high Himalayan adventure. It is a trek that comes built in with bonuses. And there are many. The first would be its easy access – you start the trek from Manali town – unlike most treks that start from a remote village. Two, you can add on an exciting day long trip to Chandratal a high altitude alpine lake – its deep blue colour is a rarity. Add to this the return jeep ride over the Rothang pass and it is almost like experiencing two treks at one go.

'In the lap of Himalaya so as to visit the well-known and striking Chandrataal, a high altitude alpine lake few hours from Chatru. The best months to trek are May and June and August through October. You will come across mind boggling and stupendous glaciers, cornice formation and snows all the way along. The maximum altitude will be reached on this day i.e. 14, 100 ft. Day four will start from Shea Goru and end up in Chatru You will witness the valleys of Lahual and Spiti and also the mountain ranges of Pir panjal and Spiti., deepest amongst blue shades.

Manali – Chika (Day 1)

In the northern end of the Kullu valley at an altitude of 6,726 ft. nestled is this small town Manali .This famous hill station has become a focal point to numerous trekking destinations in the Himalayas and other adventure activities. Arriving Manali late in the morning and then munching on some food, one starts of this trek to Hampta pass. A short drive of about an hour to Jobra takes oneself through several sharp turns, stunning view of the famous Vashisht temple (origin of small hot springs), villages like Prerni, a small snow covered, pleasantly old-fashioned settlement and Johari where one also gets to see temporarily thatched huts at the disposal of the hydro-power plant project ,crossing which one reaches Jobra. Thereafter on dismounting from the vehicle the trek to Chika begins, the trek starts at 9800ft., this trail leads to a concrete bridge which after crossing and keeping by its left goes through pine forests with patches of Maple, Oak, Walnut and Alder trees, 20 min. of easy walk and one walks into a meadow, lined with pine trees and river Rani or Rani Nala flowing. Stopping here for water and photography break is something that one does get tempted to do. Moving ahead the trail gives a view of two hills with rock faces on the either sides and also unveils the first view of Deo Tibba and Indrasan, towards the end of the trail one reaches days' destination Chika (10,400ft.), the camping site for the night and end of this meadow, at night the temperature would dip to 8-9 degrees prompting to have dinner beside a campfire.

Chika – Balu ka Ghera (Day 2)

This day the trek is of about 8 km. and starts post breakfast at Chika to Balu Ka Ghera, a small walk in the beginning would lead to a wooden bridge built by the shepherds, that should be crossed with caution, and then keeping to the left of the river bank the trail would be through rocks and boulders, to the right of the river would be vegetation of under-sized Rhododendrons and behind would be beauteous view of the snow clothed peaks of the Dhauladhar range. A right turn in the trail heads directly towards the Rani Nala, which is full of boulders and needs to be crossed, uncovering oneself till knees and stepping into the speedy current of the river is exciting, but the icy cold water would send a wave of tremor throughout the body suggesting to cross the river quickly, and during early hours in the morning as the water current is low comparing to the later hours during the day. By this time half of the days' trail is completed with a gradual ascend in the altitude, and the other half now gets to a valley which on one side has the rock faces ,and the other side has the river beneath, walking along the river which now could be seen feeding by the melting snow, grassy patches with multiplicity of tiny wild flowers in terms of colours, and heading towards a rectangular valley known as Jwara which when crossed in around 30-40 min. one reaches to this famous place for brown bears as the name states Balu ka Ghera (11000ft.) or Oodles of Sand, a flat ground of dust and sand, brought down by the river, the view in the front is of the snow covered mountains and water streams flowing beside, pitch the tents and retire for the night.

Balu ka Ghera – cross Hampta Pass – Shea Goru (Day 3)

Early breakfast and head to the trail leading Hampta Pass, the first half of the trail is of middling steep upslope towards the mountains, with fun-size yellow and pink flowers along the river bank which ebbs away after an hour followed by first steep up climb, taking about half an hour to climb one could take a short break and drench in the spectacular views with snow all around, Deo Tibba peak right in front, tongue biting cornice formations uncloaking itself in all its magnanimity. The next inclination takes another half an hour and gets oneself to the head of a ridge, from which one could easily sight another ridge corresponding next to it, crossing both these ridges would then get to a vertical climb of 20min. which when ends, one is at the top of Hampta Pass, 14000ft. above sea level, the highest point of the trek, it is windy and uninvited snowfall and rains could be expected. A lunch break and restoring all the energy back for the next half of the trail while basking in the glory of nature, and its extremities adds a thrill quotient to the trek. The steep down slope is towards the next destination Shea Goru, the wheezy descent is descended in a zig-zag trail over the snow, slippery soil and stones for half an hour, then a hairpin bend follows, crossing which, a wavy path down the hill or a trail directly down the hill is taken depending upon the snow accumulation till one reaches the valley beneath. In the next two hours trail to Shea Goru gets in view with the mighty snow cloaked mountains engulfing the three sides and a flat even-tempered open walking path begins to show on the fourth, while crossing this trail one gets reintroduced to the river flowing on the right. The days' trail of 14kms was hectic and exhausting but the view of the mountains and river stream, pitching the tents for the night at 13000ft., and memorizing the rare scenic picturesque all together gives a blissful feeling.

Shea Goru – Chatru. – Manali (Day - 4)

The trail from Shea Goru to Chatru is a gradual descent with a few tricky sections, post breakfast one starts the trek by walking along the river, an hour later the road to Chatru is in sight which on getting closer turns into a tricky descent and during the monsoon it gets more trickier, crossing through the rocky section with patches of slippery soil, is moderately dangerous therefore one just hops down. The three hours long trail leads to a high altitude river that flows along Manali-Kaza highway, the Chandra river, the view on reaching river Chandra is captivating, where on one side it has the magnificence of the mighty snow clad peaks the other side consists of uncustomary allure of the barren mountains. The river side has a few glacial flows from the mountains which after crossing, one could spot a camping place near one of the several streams joining the river, and then head to Chandra Tal lake post lunch if the weather permits. The drive back of 200 km. gives oneself time to explore the landscape.The enchanting view of Chandra Bhaga range from Kunzum La, the different coloured prayer flags along the way with each colour having a belief are put up by the locals on various occasions, a good luck wheel holding an influential significance on the life of the locals, assuming that by spinning the wheel one gets good luck in life, viewing the panorama all along the drive heading to Manali via Chatru and Rohtang Pass which is treat to the eyes leaves a sensation of wonderment applauding at the unconventional grandeur of nature while one reaches Manali and heads towards the city.

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