Chadar Trek

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The Chadar Trek or the Zanskar Gorge is a winter trail in the Zanskar Region of Ladakh. Traditionally the only means of travel in the area during the harsh winter month, the trail become popular with international adventure tourists. Walking on a frozen river with thick glass sheet, with the view of melodramatic mountains on each side, is a lifetime experience. Chadar trek give feel like a expedition of north pole because of its drop down temperature to 0 – 30 degrees at night, the ration is transported on sledges, you will be find locals and refugees in caves of mountains. Walk on frozen river with frozen waterfall make it “Do Before You Die” Trip. Chadar Trek make you allow to experience the local Zanskar culture through meet with local people and share their cultural activities or hospitality. You can find frozen waterfall also in between the trek called Nerak waterfall. The best season to do Chadar Trek is January to mid February when the river is freez and allows you to walk on massive slab of ice spreading for miles and miles. When it comes to trekking in India Chadar is one of the best winter trek in India.


Days Trek Distance Difficulty Location Max Altitude Terrain Type
1 Acclimatization walk Easy Leh 9800 FT Roads
2 Acclimatization walk Easy Leh 9800 FT Roads
3 Acclimatization walk Easy Leh 9800 FT Roads
4 2 – 3 hour Easy Shingra koma 10550 FT Frozen river
5 14KM Easy to moderate Tibb 10760 FT Frozen river
6 12KM Easy to moderate Nerak 11150 FT Frozen river
7 12KM Easy to moderate Tibb 10760 FT Frozen river
8 12.5 km Easy to moderate Bakula 10550 FT Frozen river
9 Leh 9800 FT


Day 1

Arrive in Leh, 9800 ft 0 km Acclimatization walk

Day 2

Explore Leh market or Acclimatization

Day 3

Medical checkup in Leh

Day 4

Leh to Shingra koma via Bakula 10550ft, 70 km drive to Bakula, 2 – 3 hrs Trek to Shingra koma

Day 5

Shingra koma to Tibb 10,760 ft 14 km Trek

Day 6

Tibb to Nerak 11,150 ft 12 kms Trek

Day 7

Nerak to Tibb 10,760 ft 12.5 kms trek

Day 8

Tibb to Bakula 10,550 ft 12.5 kms trek drive to leh

Day 9

Departure from leh


Day 1: Report in Leh 9800 FT.

The flight to Ladakh is absolutely picturesque. Arrive In Leh by 1 PM. The birds eye view of the snow clad mountains form the flight will make you understand that why it is not possible to come by road to reach Ladakh in winters. You will be feel the down temperature with in a minute after arrival at world’s highest airport so keep your woolen cap and jacket handy. Collect your backpacks and check into hotel/lodges. Will suggest you to explore Leh market and monastery to get acclimatize with the temperature which is most important part of the trek in winters to leh. Leh is quite in the winters and very few shops are open in winters for business. You can buy dry fruits from some shops at a reasonable price or buy some woolen clothing also if you love too. The colorful praying flags fluttering in the air and the entire view of city from Namgyal Monastery are not be missed. Drink plenty of drinkable things will help you to get acclimatize and prepare yourself to trek in upcoming days.

Day 2: Rest and Acclimatize in Leh

Day 2 is reserved for acclimatization. Your trek leader will take you for a acclimatization walk to nearby places during the day. As per the new rules or regulation of Leh administration you will have to get medically examined at SNM Hospital Leh and the checkup will be organized today. Overnight stay in hotel/lodges.

Day 3: Medical Checkup in Leh

On day 3 you will be take a mandatory checkup at the Tourist Information Centre Leh, and obtain your NOC from ALTOA and Wildlife Department Permit. After checkup will go back to hotel/lodge and overnight stay in hotel.

Day 4: Leh to Shingra Koma via Bakula (10550 ft, 70 km drive to Bakula, 3 hour trek to Shingra Koma)

Finally the day come, when we start our Zanskar river adventure trek. Will drive along the pleasing Indus river and get a chance to see the convergence of the Indus and Zanskar river at Nimmu. We drive around 3 hour to reach Bakula in between we will see the beautiful jaw-dropping moments as the vehicle makes it way around the narrow hairpin bends. As you get closer, the inspiring sight of the frozen Zanskar will make you more excited about the trek. Our trek leader will give you some tips on how to walk on frozen river Chadar. It takes some time to get use to walk on frozen sheet of river. We call it ‘Penguin Walk’ walk around as much as you can it will help you to get the technique to walk during the walk you will fall many times as it is a part of your learning that how to walk on it. Weather is going to be sunny so you can wear comfortable clothing during trek. While walking on Chadar you no need to walk up or down on slopes throughout the trek that is the best part of Chadar trek. If you feel comfortable today, you are already acclimatized and you should be finish the whole trek without any major issues. Chadar change its form and it also depend o90786n the weather. It can be powder snow on its surface which help you to get grip or it will be hard or glass like in some patches. You will be get your first campsite in 3 – 4 hour or depending your speed. You will get some marvelous view to capture on your first campsite. Stay overnight in tents.

Day 5: Shingra Koma to Tibb (10,760 ft 14 km)

Day 5 start with a challenge to get out from your warm sleeping begs and stands out of your cozy tents. The local Zanskari people are famous for their hospitality, so your staff will get early to make a hot cup of tea and a warm meal for you so that you walk comfortably on trek. The day is going to be a long because we have to cover 14 km of trek today which takes 7 hour to reach next campsite. Before leaving camp just make sure that you fill your thermos with hot water, all liquid food is tend to be freeze in the region given the extreme temperature, so thermos is extremely important. You will get sunshine in few hours but not throughout trek because huge Rocky Mountains will hide the sun. the color of the river is flowing in the middle is vibrant and deep blue and sometimes you will see water flowing right beneath you under the thick ice sheet. You will be found some frozen waterfall along the way. Our staff will cook hot meals in midway, which help you to fill your bellies and enjoy a hot cup of tea. Last 200 meters walk is extremely gorgeous. By 3 will reach Tibb our today’s Campsite. Overnight stay in camp.

Day 6: Tibb to Nerak (11,150 ft 12 km trek)

Today is the most important day on Chadar Trek because you be going to witness mother of all waterfalls called “Nerak Waterfalls” when you reach your campsite. This day is also going to be long, so will start early for a trek. Our aim to reach by 2 PM to Nerak Waterfall so you will get plenty of time to explore and enjoy the frozen waterfall. Will have lunch at cave on midway of trek. Reach Nerak Campsite, we’ll have some snacks at campsite and head toward marvelous Nerak Waterfall. It
takes half n hour to reach waterfall will spend some time and explore the Nerak waterfall and you will get a chance to see Nerak village across the bridge or may chance to get Yaks gazing the higher grounds along the way. After sometime will head back to our campsite and have dinner. Overnight stay in camp.

Day 7: Nerak to Tibb (10,760 ft 12 kms trek)

Day 7, try to find your footstep back to Tibb Campsite. And if you think you going to see the same frozen sheet again you’re going to be think wrong. The frozen Zanskar river reacts to the slightest change in the temperatures, and constantly keeps changing its form. You will find the local porters wearing the traditional woolen robes called ‘Gonchas’ with colorful bends around there neck and their traditional hats. They will greet you using the local phrase ‘Julley’ which means hello/welcome. You will find local people singing their traditional songs while pulling their sledges and enjoy their journey. Use penguin walk technique way to Tibb and enjoy your trek. Camp overnight at Tibb.

Day 8: Tibb to Baluka (10,500 ft , 12 km trek) Drive to Leh.

Today is the last day of “Frozen Zanskar Chadar Trek”. We will trek to Baluka which takes 7 hour to reach. Then drive to Leh and head back to the hotel. You can do a last minute shopping before shop closed. Stay in hotel enjoy your last night of trip at hotel

Day 9: Departure From Leh

You will take your respective flights to back home. Forever cherish the memories of Frozen Chadar Trek.

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1 - The package includes ALL meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), snacks and refreshments throughout the trek. Meals would be wholesome, delicious and abundant.
2 - Accommodation in hotel rooms or Alpine Tent on twin-sharing basis.
3 - Transport from Leh to Leh the starting point of the trek and back.
4 - Entry fees, permit to trek and forest camping charges in the region for the entire duration of the trek, wherever applicable.
5 - Needless to say, we'll provide you with sleeping bags, mattresses, tents, gaiters, spikes and other safety equipment required.
6 - We'll have an English-speaking guides and a team of porters / mules to carry common group equipment.
7 - A trained cook along with helper/ requisite staff.
8 - First aid kit.


1 - Expenses that are personal in nature.
2 - Porters/ Mule to carry personal rucksack.
3 - Expenses arising out of emergency/evacuation/rain/landslides/unforeseen circumstances beyond one's control.
4 - Though we'll have a well-equipped first-aid kit, we suggest that you bring your own personal medicines.
5 - Anything not expressly stated.

Cancellation Policy

Up to 30 days – 90% Refund
Between 21- 30 days - 80 % Refund
Between 11 - 20 days - 50 % Refund
Less than 10 days - No Refund


1. Change of trek batch is dependent on the availability of seats in the batch.
2. In case of transferring a trek to freind or known should satisfy all the mandatory requirements put forward by Trek Mantra.
3.Trek Mantra holds the right to change/cancel the policies, without prior notice.
2. one change in kedarkantha trek inclusive point 8 Transport From Dehradoon to Dehradoon. and add cost 10,000/- + 5% GST
AND meals start from dinner after reach sankri and end in lunch at sankri.

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